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This is the best popcorn bag & popcorn packaging on the market and one of our top selling packaging products.

Our EZ peel, crimp bottom cello style polypropylene bags consist of 2 layers: the outer oxygen barrier layer and the inner sealing layer.
This special lamination type cellophane is built to give your popcorn a longer shelf life.

Customers want your popcorn or other gourmet treat, but they don’t want it all over their car seat. :) Fill it, seal it, open it, and see why your customers will appreciate your product being packaged in our EZ-Peel popcorn bags. The top seal peels apart without tearing making it much easier to enjoy your tasty treats.

  • Made using a strong 2.0mil gauge (thickness) polypropylene. This material is the same material used by the largest potato chip maker in the world!
  • Excellent moisture protection
  • FDA-compliant for direct food contact
  • Perfect for popcorn, pretzels, pasta and other snackable foods.
  • Plus this is a popcorn bag that can be heat-sealed!
  • Available in all of the standard popcorn bag sizes
  • Sold in cartons of 1,000 bags with the exception of our one gallon popcorn bag which is packaged 250 bags/carton