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Polypropylene BagsPolypropylene Bags | Flat Polypropylene Bags

Our polypropylene bags offer excellent clarity for the best possible product presentation. They extend shelf life of your products due to vapor and moisture properties. Made with strong polypropylene with excellent chemical resistance to water, salt and acid solutions, our flat polypropylene bags have a high melting point and comply with all FDA regulations. These polypropylene bags contain no latex, mercury, sulfur, nitrogen, heavy metals, BPA, polyvinyl chlorides, phthalates, PBB, BHT, DEHP or DEHA. They are recyclable.

Offered in 2 formats: Polypropylene Seal Top Bags with hang holes and also Flat Polypropylene bags.
Elkay Side Gusset Bags Under 10 inches Wide

Elkay Plastics Side Gusset Bags under 10 Inches Wide

Elkay Plastics Side Gusset Bags are your “basic” plastic foodservice bags. These gusseted bags are made from virgin polyethylene and comply with FDA requirements for food applications. We offer an incredible selection of sizes and gauges to meet any need you might have. Our bags can hold everything from small parts to all types of food items. They can also be heat-sealed to provide security and/or retain freshness. Millions of bags are in stock and ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice. Made from seamless tubing and are bottom sealed for extra strength. Side gusset bags 15" wide and under come in dispenser packs of 100 for cleanliness and convenience.
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