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inear Low Density Poly Ethylene) BAGS LOWER COST without sacrificing PERFORMANCE! Performance Equivalent to.09 - 1 LDPE to 1.25 Mil LDPE
Use a lighter gauge TUF-R® bag instead of a heavier gauge LDPE bag for real cost savings and lower environmental impact. Elkay’s TUF-R® bags perform as well as or better than heavier gauge low density bags thanks to their unique resin blend. Put them to the test today and discover how much money you can save with TUF-R®.

Compare TUF-R® bags and it’s easy to see the difference:
  • TUF-R® bags have superior strength that allows a lighter gauge TUF-R® bag to do the job of a heavier gauge LDPE bag.
  • TUF-R® bags have superior clarity thanks to their unique resin blend.
  • Because TUF-R® bags are bottom sealed and not side sealed like some competitor’s bags, they have the strength you need for your most demanding applications.
  • TUF-R® bags 15” wide and under are packaged in inner packs of 100 bags each for convenience and cleanliness and to reduce waste.
  • Cases and inner packs are bar coded and clearly labeled for easy identification