Tampertite.com™ Security Packaging Expertise

At Tampertite.com™, we are the Security packaging experts. Our security bag packaging has been manufactured for over 68 years! Tampertite™ was founded in 1955 by Charles E. Mainprice and has been offering value-added products since. He invented the first disposable bank deposit bag in 1983, at the request of a large Northern California Bank and on November 4, 1985, trademarked the name Tampertite™.   At that time, the technology did not exist to manufacture such a product in a production line. Hence, we had to first design the manufacturing process, and then the bag. Today, disposable bank deposit bags are the standard of the retail banking industry. Even so, we were not satisfied, although we counted almost every bank in the western United States as a customer. we realized Banks do not prioritize the quality of the bag they purchase, or the issues with how their bags fit their customers' needs. In 1986 we made a decision to gradually provide a direct source of supply to all retail and business customers. We discovered that most customers preferred dealing directly with the manufacturing company. Today we still follow the philosophy established by Charles E. Mainprice, by offering value-added security products

At Tampertite.com™, we do a lot more than make bags though. We make the right packaging products for you and your business. Maybe it's because we've been in this business for over 60 years, and we know our customers’ industries like our own. Maybe it's because we bring the expertise of a manufacturer to the table. Or maybe it's because of our timeless business values. Whatever the reasons, we believe that any company can be a supplier, but only a few can be called 'partner'.

Since our earliest days we have worked closely with security bag end-users, banks, and reprographic companies. We know what types of bags work for your industry most of the time. We've used that knowledge to create one of the best stock packaging programs in the country. All our retail banking security bags, along with some other packaging are made with pride in the USA.

It doesn't matter if your company is a small construction or development company, a Municipal Building Department, a local bank branch or a multinational reprographic company. Whether you're ordering a custom or a stock packaging solution, we offer you more than a storehouse of security packaging and production capabilities. We offer a storehouse of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the industries we serve. Helping you keep your competitive edge in the marketplace is how we keep our own.


We pride ourselves as innovators and entrepreneurs. In keeping with this philosophy, we have expanded our security packaging products to protect your company's assets whether it is through bank deposits, postal mail, or delivery of products through common carriers. Our Health Care security bags are used to securely store and transport lab specimens not only protecting the specimen but also the people involved in its handling and transport. They are also used in secure transport of drugs from the in-hospital pharmacy to the patient preventing contamination and pilferage.

Today, The Protector™ our disposable Security Mailer bags are the standard of retail shipping. They are used heavily for the shipping of garments or any product that needs to be protected from moisture (rain). They are the "raincoats" for product shipping and pilferage protection.

To fill all of our customer needs, in addition to our own manufactured bags, we also distribute the LK® Packaging and Prism Pak™ product line of Food, Healthcare, and Industrial Packaging products.