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Security and Deposit Bag Features

MaxLoc High Impact Polyethylene Construction
Made with .00275" plastic film resists tearing and moisture. Our bags have stood the test of time in customer satisfaction for 20 years. Our trade name designating a freon-proof closure that is uniquely designed to provide the highest degree of safety for your money. Bags seal on both sides of the bag for maximum strength.

Tear Off Receipt

Provides you with a receipt with the same number that is on the bag to verify your deposit safely reaches your banking institution. They should be attached to your deposit paperwork.

Universal Bar code

Allows the bag number to be electronically scanned at your bank for greater accuracy in tracking and logging in your deposit.

Convenient Printed Deposit Format

Designed to make deposit information easily recognizable and efficient. The write-on ink allows you to use a regular ballpoint pen or magic marker

Fin-Weld Seams

Offer the strongest integrity that is guaranteed not to burst. This unique seal has been time tested for over twenty years.

Sequential Numbering

Comes standard with every TamperTite bag to provide an individual identification number with every deposit. We guarantee that no two bags will ever have the same number.