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Vacuum Pouches Wholesale | Vacuum Bags for Cheese, Meat & More

If you're looking for high barrier vacuum pouches for preserving foods like fresh meats, processed meats, fresh or frozen fish, cheese, and poultry, we have them in various sizes. These wholesale vacuum pouches extend the shelf life of food products, forming an airtight seal, and protecting against moisture and bacteria. Used as part of a vacuum packaging system, these pouches keep food fresh and will also prevent freezer burn. Vacuum packaging with vacuum pouches also provides a clean, uniform and professional appearance. These microwaveable, boilable, freezable bags work with "bone In " applications and meed FDA and USDA specifications.

Raw Materials are approved for use in direct food contact packaging under paragraph 177.1520 of Title 21CFR of the Code of Federal Regulations, with no restrictions. This product complies with California Proposition 65 and all applicable CONEG heavy metal restrictions.

Made with 9-layer poly-nylon film, these 3 mil vacuum pouches are non-channeled and provide excellent moisture transmission rates of less than 5 g/sq.m and oxygen transmissions rates of less than 45 cc/sq.m. 1/4-inch sealed lip around the pouch.

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